Natural perfume ingredients are expensive in comparison to synthetic or chemical based ingredients. We believe the calming and up lifting effect that comes from natural essences stems from our primal instincts. We also believe in respecting nature and ourselves and that we are the sum of the choices that we make. So it is our promise to you that all Wild Coast Perfumes and products do not contain: synthetics, petrochemicals, artificial fragrance oils, dyes, parabens, phthalates or chemicals.‚Äč

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$1 from each bottle sold at the studio in Cowichan Bay, will be donated to the Ancient Forest Alliance.

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Why Choose a Natural Perfume

We are giving back to nature to help preserve the island's precious ecosystems & ancient trees.

Find us at our seasonal perfume studio, opening May 20th 2017, on the waterside of 1721 Cowichan Bay Rd., Cowichan Bay, BC  CANADA (Cowichan Bay Marina)


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