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We are giving back to nature to help preserve the island's precious ecosystems & ancient trees.

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Saltspring eau de parfum
  An evocative scent inspired by the beautiful rolling hills, forests and secret gardens of Saltspring Island. Opening with delicate violet leaf and bergamont, with a heart of rose and precious neroli grounded with vanilla, frankinsence, sandlewood and based in oakmoss from the island. Your mind will carry you back to your time on the island, as this scent lingers. This soft scent is perfect day or night.
15 ml  $45.00  &   50 ml   $75  sprays                       
Abkhazi eau de parfum

This soul and heart healing, garden scent was inspired by the love story of the little known exiled Prince Abkhazi and his Princess who made their home and beautiful gardens in Victoria after WW2. The perfume captures the essence of a warm summers evening in their garden. This floral scent opens with jasmine and rose, warming up to honeyed resins and lavender. As the hours pass the powdery soft essence of wild harvested oakmoss and gentle sandalwood linger. Gorgeous
15 ml  $45.00  &  50 ml   $75.00  sprays                                                        

Tofino eau de parfum
Be swept away like a morning walk through a forest path down to the beach. Refreshing sweet and citrusy Neroli tops a blend with light floral notes of wild rose perfectly balanced with luscious Western Red Cedar and Juniper. This scent dries down gorgeously as it meld to your skin.
15 ml  $45.00  &   50 ml   $75.00  spray
Whistler eau de parfum
Inspired by the crisp mountain air and the wild forests of Whistler, this slightly woodsy unisex eau de parfum blends pure citrusy sweet Douglas Fir spring tips with Bergamot and Tuberose. Heart notes of Cedar and Geranium, then warming up as the scent unfolds with Sandalwood and Vetiver.

15 ml  $45.00 &  50 ml  $75.00 Spray

Cowichan Rose eau de parfum
For Rose lovers, our soliflore eau de parfum brings you a truly beautiful rose scent. Grounded delicately with exotic saffron, a touch of vanilla and our powdery island oakmoss. Sublime.

15 ml    $49.00   &   50 ml  $89.00 Spray

2 ml Sample Set of Abkhazi, Whistler, Saltspring & Tofino eau de parfums

$25 for set of 4